Reading through Richard MacManus’ excellent recap of coverage of Microsoft’s launch event I followed the link to Nivi’s comment on CrunchNotes that "live" spelled backwards is "evil" therefore if Google is not “evil” that means that Google = Microsoft. (clever!)

This lead me to Nivi’s post about how new services out there which generate or transform dynamic RSS feeds are really acting as relays for information packets.  We can view these new services as command line interfaces for an internet operating system. So, (take a deep breath as we gloss over some technical details to make a leap of generalization) extending the analogy,

  • Search Engine APIs = command line interface to file systems
  • Tags & other categorization engines = transforming DLLs that filter and transform relevance
  • RSS = protocol level information packet
  • Internet = information bus

Where do blogs & wikis fit in this picture? Are they the user interface by which we browse this internet-scale OS or are they the scripting platform where we can pull together several API calls into a unique output which we publish as "plug-ins" to the standard utility that comes with the "plain old browser service" (POBS). Ok, time to get some coffee.