Yahoo to connect to TiVo

Via the New York Times, Yahoo and TiVo announce that TiVo users will soon be able to access Yahoo information (Weather, Traffic) and Yahoo users will have shortcut to their TiVo from their personalized Yahoo television listings.. (I just checked and the link to add to your TiVo’s To Do recording list is already there!) I’ve been playing around with watching video clips that come through an RSS feed running off of Yahoo Video Search – it’d be cool to get this feed’s content piped into my TiVo. The TiVo’s remote is so much better suited for watching video than my laptop’s trackpad!






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  1. Glenn Fannick Avatar

    Marketplace (Public Radio International) said this morning that as a result of this deal Tivo users can schedule their programming using a Web browser! Wow. What journalism. You’ve been able to do that all along from Tivo’s site. I guess the deal is now you can do it from Yahoo’s portal?

  2. iankennedy Avatar


    I think this first step is not going to be anything new for advanced TiVo users. As you mention, TiVo Series 2 users are already able to control scheduling of their TiVo via the site. I’m more interested in what may follow once you get everyone aware that they can use the web to control a device that sits in their living room.

    The web is a great interface to discover interesting stuff. The televison remote is the best interface for browsing video. Linking these two interfaces with a shortcut is bound to lead to interesting things.

  3. Glenn Fannick Avatar

    Agreed that such a linkage will likely boost both companies and push TV/Web convergence forward. (Hey, how about being able to write email in my living room? I know, we’ll call it WebTV). And anything that makes Tivo a survivor in the DVR wars (Is there such a war? It’s a pretty quiet one.) makes me happy. I’m devoted to my Tivo. One comment about text on TV, whether email or news: it’s hard to read from across the room. It’s not quite the right device for the job.

  4. iankennedy Avatar

    It’s less about jamming functionality of the pc on to the tv and vice versa and more about using the right tool for the job at hand. Web TV was a failure because, as you pointed out, when you’re lounging on your couch 10 feet away, the last thing you want to do is squint at a screen for email that should be a foot away.

    Just connect the profiles on the back end and let me use a laptop to do my email or browse and research the television listings. Let my Tivo access my profile to pickup what I want to record so I can later browse recorded programs with the remote and skip my way through what I’ve saved.

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