Month: February 2006

  • Major challenge for WiFi phones

    I used to think that wifi phone will be a real threat to cellphone providers in urban areas as we see things such as urban wifi networks take off. For a fixed fee you could get a phone number from a company such as Vonage or Skype and make all the calls you want. Wifi […]

  • Why you need to syndicate full text feeds

    Many have writtten about the need to publish full text feeds. Most from the perspective of the reader who is not likely going to be bothered with excerpts in their reader. I subscribe to 74 feeds but only one of them requires me to click through (Good Morning Silicon Valley if you must know, I […]

  • Julia blowing bubbles

    Now that we’re out of a kitchen, we mooch dinner whenever we can. This weekend we decended upon Mie & Dav’s place. Mie gave the kids a bubble set and Dav took this really great photo.

  • Mac Porn

    The sheer beauty of their design and packaging brings out a bout of technolust. Jason O’Grady posts a pictorial of the unpackaging of his brand new MacBook Pro. He even takes photos of the styrofoam cutouts!

  • San Diego

    We took a quick trip down to San Diego (photos) last weekend to escape all the banging and clanging going on because of The Kitchen Project.

  • Apple embeds poem in Mac OS

    Text of a poem that’s embedded in the new version of MacOS which runs on Intel chips. Apple today confirmed that it was put there to prevent piracy (or at least make those that pirate their software think twice.) There once was a user that whined his existing OS was so blind he’d do better […]

  • Yahoo Startup Kit

    I’m not going to post about this at length because Chad Dickerson pretty much sums up everything I wanted to say (although I do like Havi’s label of this as an early Valentine’s Day gift). Suffice to say, Yahoo has basically open-sourced all their UI designs so you no longer have to build widgets like […]

  • Google’s Real Market – Small Business

    Keen observation by Phil Sim on Squash – follow the money trail and you’ll see that Google’s real customers are the small business clients that are buying advertising, not the millions of users running searches. This puts them in direct competition with Microsoft who sees their fastest growing market in the SMBs. People have questioned […]

  • Yahoo Olympic Coverage

    Those of you who follow sports on a regular basis probably already know this but if you’re like me and haven’t had the time to catch up on your TiVo backlog of Olympic coverage, Yahoo’s got a great micro-site which pulls it all together for you. Turin 2006 Winter Olympics on Yahoo! Sports has been […]

  • More Julia-isms

    When Julia has a stomachache, she says she has a “stomach egg.” It took us a while to pick up on this and it wasn’t until she complained to Izumi about an “egg” on her knee that we finally figured it out. Applied to other areas of the body it kind of makes sense. I […]

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