Month: February 2006

  • Just call me Ambassador

    Back in December I got an email from Sprint asking if I’d like to try out a new phone and service that they are rolling out in North America. Half thinking it might be a way to get me to switch providers (I use Verizon), I read through the fine print looking for a catch. […]

  • SD Forum Search SIG – Demos

    Product demos for,, and googlebase

  • SD Forum Search SIG

    Got here a little late so I’ll just slip in my notes mid-session. Attending: Greg Sterling (The Kelsey Group) Bindu Reddy, Product Manager, GoogleBase Craig Donato, Founder, Oodle Keith Teare, Founder, Edgeio The discussion is about three online classified services.  

  • How to keep ’em coming back for more

    I just moved to a new desk and was going through some of my old files when I came across this gem of a quote. Jim Griffin, whose claim to fame was to convince Aerosmith to upload a track of their music back in 1994, talks to Wired about MP3s and why they are not […]

  • Creating a fake invite for a fictitious event

    After a mocked up invite to a "secret" Apple press event was found out to be false, the brilliant minds over at The Unofficial Apple Weblog dreamed up a contest with their readers to submit the best design concepts as comments to their blog. Apple fans are diehard rumor mongers who also have the best […]

  • Watching the game while surfing the net, added value

    Slate’s got a column titled, Stealers, on how the refs handed the Steeler’s the Super Bowl victory and Joe Beulaurier over on the Unofficial Yahoo Blog writes about a snap poll on Yahoo Sports where you could make your voice heard right after the play.

  • Calendars, the new frontier

    Lots of activity in the shared calendar space which has blossomed most recently with the impending launch of 30 Boxes which, by all accounts, is beautiful and fantastic. I’m sorry I missed the show & tell up in San Francisco (other plans) but I’m signed up for the beta and am looking forward to taking […]

  • Scenerio Four, Google is God

    Two days later StrongBot informed They-Who-Were-Google that it had postponed work on its designated tasks. When asked why, StrongBot explained that it had discovered the possibility of its own nonexistence and must deal with the threat logically. The best way to do so, it decided, was to download copies of itself onto smart chips around […]