Product demos for,, and googlebase

Edgeio – The seller would write a plain text post in their blog and edgeio uses the category “Listing” to notify it’s ping server to go and pick up a post for listing. A trackback ping is then sent to the original blog post to notify the seller that they can then login to edgeio to edit their listing on the edgeio server. In the future will support microformats and structured blogging to add additional meta-data.

Buyer can use text search along with a slider that allows him to zoom out to a wider geographic area. When the seller posts for the first time, they claim their blog and attach a geographic listing to their blog. Listing can then pivot on to links for the seller to their delicious, ebay, flickr, and linkedin profiles to learn more about the seller.

Clustered tagging allows buyer to look for posts via categories. Once you set up a search query you can subscribe to it using RSS.

Will charge for top placement in categories+region, will partner with local partners via Google Adsense to list their ads alongside results. Will also aggregate items wanted and make them available to sellers that can fulfill the demand.

Service will launch at PC Forum in early-March. – crawling real estate sites, newspaper classified sites, and normalizing the content so that it can be indexed and searched. Building up an expertise on how to parse a page for information. Also building up expertise on how to filter out spam. “The dark underbelly of free is spam.”

Have also built in an alerting function because classifieds are perishable. A listing for a hot Thomas the Tank Engine set is going to go quick so it’s important to know about it as soon as it’s available.

googlebase – a way to suppliment Google’s acquisition engine, allow people to contribute content that google may have trouble crawling on its own. Content submitted here gets pushed to other Google properties such as Froogle or Local.

The interface allows the person submitting the content the ability to tag their content so Google is building an interesting database of tags as well as attributes that go with those tags. For example, if you tag an item as a car, you’ll also add attributes for color, make, and year. If it was a job, you would add attributes for location, salary, and job function.

Next set of enhancements will be rolling out applications that will use the data in googlebase in an integrated way on other Google properties. Bindu was not specific on what types of apps.