After a mocked up invite to a "secret" Apple press event was found out to be false, the brilliant minds over at The Unofficial Apple Weblog dreamed up a contest with their readers to submit the best design concepts as comments to their blog. Apple fans are diehard rumor mongers who also have the best graphic design software at their fingertips so the quality of submissions are quite good.

Added bonus is that with all the linking (69 as of now) and trackbacks this post has created, I’m sure that this post will eventually bubble up the rankings for TUAW over their competition the next time anyone searches on "apple rumor."

Here’s a test – today a search on Yahoo shows the following:

  2. Rumor Has It (an trailer)

Google’s basically got the same list (minus the trailer) but same story, TUAW isn’t on the first page of results.

Check back in a few weeks and let’s see if anything changes.