eTech Day Three Roundup

I’m going to harness the community to sum up today’s sessions.

Tim Bray sums up the various product pitches.

Something has been bothering me about the format of the conference. Each session is so rushed that there is little room for Q&A following each presentation. As a result, you don’t often get a chance to hear the audience’s point of view. The only way to get at this is if you force yourself on strangers in the hallway but, depending upon how you strike up a conversation, it can be hit or miss. Especially when both of you are rushed to ge to the next session. Chris Lott writes about the geek clique and how it limits viewpoints from the edge.

As the buzzwords fly it was bound to happen sooner or later – bingo cards for Day Four.

Sean Bonner (I hope I get a chance to finally meet him) posts a juicy chunk of the irc backchannel. We all ooh & ahh over the beautiful graphical representation of the activity put together by the folks at Stamen Designs.

Tim Appnel bangs the Atom drum.

Isn’t it ironic that this year’s theme is around Attention with a sub-theme being "less is more" yet most of the product announcements are about further atomizing content so that instead of getting doused with a firehose you’re sprayed with peppershot? Very few companies are presenting technologies that help cut back and focus with the exception of Boxxet which had the unfortunate timing to have to present at the same time as the overflow session nextdoor on The Data Dump







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  1. You Mon Tsang Avatar

    you ain’t joking. an educational presentation going against a fun fest with stars from O’Reilly, Technorati, Feedburner, and August Capital is like the Nature Channel going against American Idol.

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