RSS is the DNA wiring the web, the connecting tissue between active web sites. Part of the current excitement around mashups is that it’s moving these "composite applications" up to the level of the scripting programmer. The closer you get to the user, the closer you get to real domain expertise.

Cut/Copy/Paste – these commands are used everyday by PC users, to the point where they don’t even think about it. Ray asks, "Where is the clipboard of the web?"

Enter Live Clipboard (screencast examples on Ray’s blog)

Action button that can cut events from an events site (he used and paste it into your calendar. Ray showed examples of pasting the event into Windows Live Calendar and the Outlook client. In both cases, the clipboard already knows the date so the paste action automatically puts the event into the right day.

The clipboard can store multiple items. Shows example of copying address and credit card information into commerce site (shows example of mocked up Think Geek order checkout page). It appears that this can also write to a cookie file because pasted information moves from one screen to the next.

The cut/copy/paste action button can be used to consolidate the multiple RSS subscription chicklets. Single copy action then moves the RSS url over to RSS reader (in this example he uses Bloglines).

Copy GPS location information and paste it into Facebook profile. New "sync" action button makes this link into an updated version of the old "dynamic data link" that we saw in Excel. The link will update automatically via RSS.

Copy a list of friends from Facebook, all with locations updating real-time. Paste this into a Windows Live Contact Map widget and you get a map showing real-time location of your friends. You can paste this into Excel to get a different view of this data.

Copy a Flickr thumbnail and the action button pulls the data so when you paste it into your Windows My Pictures folder, it will then pull down the hi-res version of the photo. Expand this to a photostream, you can then sync it and do things like have an automatically updating folder that will change out something like your desktop wallpaper at set intervals.