Are you engaged?

Certainly people want good deals, but a good deal is sweeter when it’s available someplace where people can engage. That’s why even small efforts to facilitate shared moments of self-expression make sense for PopSecret at, or for Saab at, or for at (sponsored by Volvo), or for Tazo Tea at, where Tazo encourages visitors to "enlighten us." These campaigns aren’t about engaging consumers with the brand. They’re about brands enabling people to engage with one another in new, often quirky, but always meaningful ways.

– J. Walker Smith in Feb. 2006 issue of Media 

Amen to that! The more marketers understand that the new web is about two-way conversations, the less we’ll hear from the klaxon horns of the likes of x-10

For a sampling of some of the more engaging advertising efforts, check out Random Culture. 






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