net2-logo.JPGThanks everyone that was at the mashup session today at the Net Squared conference. If you’re here because of the session, the url where I’ve gathered some starting links to get you started on learning about mashups is on delicious under the intersection of the “net2” and “toolkit” tags. If you tag anything on delicious with these two tags, they’ll end up here.

Delicious is a great way to pull together a list of links for your community. Instead of emailing your members a list of links, get in the practice of keeping your links in delicious and emailing them a delicious url instead. The url will never change but the links behind the url will always be fresh and up-to-date. You can also add a delicious linkroll to your site to always keep your visitors up to date on the latest links you’ve added to your collection.

For those who did not go to the conference, Net Squared is doing great work promoting the use of technology to non-profits as a way for them to do more with less. Much of today’s discussion was around the use of social networking tools, tags, blogs, rss, and the apis to broaden the reach of non-profit organizations. The Net Squared site is a great source of information and community for folks at NGOs that have some pretty specific needs (open source fund raising software anyone?).

It was also interesting to listen in on the Social Software session and hear questions on how to interact with communities and debate the question of if an organization should set up a MySpace profile to try and get in front of the younger generation that no longer uses email. It sounds exactly like the conversation PR professionals were having at the New Communications Forum 17 months ago – how to inject yourself into a conversation without coming across as disingenuous.

We all know the answer to that question. Be yourself but listen first. The most convincing conversationalists have the best listening skills.