So this is cool. deinde posts a photo (above) of a billboard in Manhatten that you can SMS to register your vote on the live updating counter.

Here’s my idea, add technology that senses nearby bluetooth or wifi-enabled devices and asks permission to read their preferences or log file. The billboard then becomes a realtime, updating display of the aggregated interests of anyone that comes in contact with it.

You could pull the last five songs played and show the album cover art pulled from You could show a spider-graph drawing six degrees of separation between everyone’s friends network.

Logos of the company domain names on the email addresses in your address book, > lehman brothers, > morgan stanley, etc.

Give the billboard your Yahoo or claimID and it can pull all sorts of information you already publish.

It’s an invasion of privacy if it’s tied back to the individual but it’s a group art project if it’s mixed together and anonymized with everyone else on the big screen like a big, collaborative screensaver.