eBay completes social media troika, message boards, blogs, now a wiki

logoebay_150×70.gifEBay recently launched blogs for it’s members as a supplement to its very active forum community. While message boards are useful for loosely classified conversations where anyone can start a thread, blogs are better suited for individuals who want to project a voice around an area of expertise. We’re already seeing examples of this as members share their knowledge of things such as eBay-specific HTML tags.

Now eBay has added a wiki (powered by JotSpot) to the community area and one hopes that it will become an excellent source of hyper-detailed, domain-specific knowledge about collectibles. Where else (outside the rarified world of Yahoo Groups) can you find a detailed discussion of the net worth of a bag of trolls?

Richard MacManus has a detailed writeup.






2 responses to “eBay completes social media troika, message boards, blogs, now a wiki”

  1. Clauser Avatar

    Hello! I want to know, where you have a section for advertising at a forum? Or it is not present? I have not found it.

  2. Ian Avatar

    Not sure about placing ads directly with eBay but since this announcement, eBay runs banner ads from the Yahoo network so you can contact Yahoo! Advertising for more details.

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