Ergo Sum in the Digital Age

Steve Rubel calls it Picture-in-a-Picture marketing, Fergus calls it widget marketing. As the traditional walled garden web blows apart, more and more small, loosely joined pieces are made available to re-configure themselves into new combinations.

Call it mashups for the rest of us – your blog or MySpace profile is a platform where you mix & match services like an events badge and content such as your linkroll. Mix it all together and add a spice of CSS for your new digital persona.

In the future, will we be defined by the services running on our pages? Will these pages continue to update even after we’re gone taking on a life of their own?

UPDATE: Sue Mernit and I were laughing. We both came up with almost the exactly same meme but she added a biblical spin also adding the exciting and important development of Yahoo Local’s support of Microformats. 






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  1. Fergus Burns Avatar

    Hi Ian

    Thanks for the mention.

    I hope you’re keeping well. Are you for Gnomedex ?

    talk soon

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