Getting drafted for the Yankees


From, reporting on yesterday’s first round baseball draft picks:

Yankees top pick Ian Kennedy was one of four right-handers selected in the first five rounds Tuesday.

I’d like to wish the best of luck to the other Ian Kennedy, I’m pulling for you. I’ve been following his budding baseball career as part of a Technorati search and look forward to his continued success. My friends who follow the Red Sox have already said it’s going to be hard to get used to rooting against me.


Billboards as Ambient Graffitti

So this is cool. deinde posts a photo (above) of a billboard in Manhatten that you can SMS to register your vote on the live updating counter.

Here’s my idea, add technology that senses nearby bluetooth or wifi-enabled devices and asks permission to read their preferences or log file. The billboard then becomes a realtime, updating display of the aggregated interests of anyone that comes in contact with it.

You could pull the last five songs played and show the album cover art pulled from You could show a spider-graph drawing six degrees of separation between everyone’s friends network.

Logos of the company domain names on the email addresses in your address book, > lehman brothers, > morgan stanley, etc.

Give the billboard your Yahoo or claimID and it can pull all sorts of information you already publish.

It’s an invasion of privacy if it’s tied back to the individual but it’s a group art project if it’s mixed together and anonymized with everyone else on the big screen like a big, collaborative screensaver.

Expensive Cat Toy

really expensive cat toy on Vimeo

Ok, I’m a sucker for this stuff. Enjoy!

Reuters Video Affiliate Network


Reuters is using Brightcove to distribute its video content via an affiliate network of bloggers and small publishers. The network is in the pilot phase now but you can apply here and, if accepted, copy & paste some code into your site to make Reuters Video available on your site via a player like the one pictured above. If you’re a publisher, this is a quick and easy way to add a constantly fresh list of the most important videos of the day from Reuters. If you’re Reuters, it’s a great distribution network that inserts your brand into blogger/reader conversations everywhere.

Current Events

WSJ 3.0

Advertising Age checks in with Gordon Crovitz, three months into his role as publisher of a unified online & print editions of Dow Jones’ Wall Street Journal franchise and describes Gordon’s thinking around how the paper edition will evolve.

Given the digital era’s barrage of news from all sides and sources, the paper probably will devote more space to “what it means” articles and less to simple “what happened” pieces.

As an earlier adopter of online news (and a previous employee of Dow Jones where I had open access to Dow Jones’ newswire content), I’ve always turned to the newspaper version of the Wall Street Jounal as a supplement to the what I read online rather than my primary view into what’s going on.

Breaking news is clearly better suited to delivery via the internet where the story can be updated as the story develops and for years we’ve seen papers drop scheduling, listings, and stock quote tables from their expensive newsprint inventory.

Due out early next year, the new version of the paper which is known internally as “3.0” will feature a smaller format and is clearly being positioned as an adjunct to, something that helps, as Mr. Crovitz says, “help us overcome information overload by helping us, once a day, put the content in context.” I’ve always viewed the paper more akin to a daily business magazine and read it for its excellent feature articles which typically spill over 2,000 words, not something you would care to read on a computer screen.

My father, a longtime New York Times subscriber who, reading from Japan, has been forced into pushing the envelope on new delivery mechanisms for the paper. He used to live in a self-imposed time warp where his world view consistently 6 weeks behind which is how long it took for a slow boat to Asia to delivery the city editions to his door in Yokohama. He described reading the paper at as if he were reading a ticker tape, “scrolling up the side of building,” hardly the best way to scan the news of the day.

Lately, he has been delighted with a company called NewspaperDirect which sends a pdf file of the paper to Tower Records in Shibuya who prints out a high resolution copy of the paper sheets of B4 paper to fill his standing order.

The trend with many industries that touch the internet is to explode the centralization of capital and infrastructure to the edges. In order to optimize the value of the distribution capabilities of the internet, newspapers must transform what leaves their offices from a physical artifact to an electronic representation. At the other end, the point of purchase, this electronic copy can then be consumed online via a web browser or transformed into a high-quality printed facsimile such as that used by my father in Tokyo.

A third format is also possible. Companies such as eInk in Boston are experimenting with technology that combines the best of paper and electronic delivery. Imagine a thin piece of flexible “paper” that can be refreshed with the latest information. WSJ 3.0 is ahead of the curve because it conditions subscribers to begin to think of the print and online versions as two important pieces that work together instead of a dual format world. The wsj brand follows the reader as from the online world into the print world and back again, weaving an experience that crosses between the two mediums. This preps readers for a world where the two formats eventually meld together combining an editorial and personalized view of the world just as it does with a hybrid piece of self-updating “electronic paper” that combines the best of newsprint and electronic display.

How to make an impression


Enough of this online advertising stuff, sometimes you need to jump into the real world to make an impact.

Flickr user Live U4 is uploading photos of various super-sized building mods as part of the promotion. I think I can make out the Spanish enough to figure out that this is a Nike campaign in conjunction with the local JWT advertising offices in Mexico.

Be sure to also check out the giant, diving goalie by Adidas in Germany too.

UPDATE: Bummer! I just read elsewhere that this “crash ball” is just a photoshopped concept. But the diving goalie is real and this one of a giant ball crushing a Mercedes is real as well.

Julia’s last day at school


Julia had her last day of pre-school last week. Here’s a photo of her with one of her teachers, “Miss Michelle.”


New email format for Yahoo! Groups

Yahoo Groups just announced that they will embed new links in HTML emails from subscribed groups. From the notice:

Get one click access to your favorite group features.

If your group updated any content, you can find out from the email.

  • Message Archive Read and reply to group messages
  • Photos Share photos from your photo album
  • Calendar Coordinate group events
  • Polls Ask group members what they think
  • Links Store and share links to web sites
  • Transfer Files Share documents and files
  • Database Manage group information



Yahoo Video adds sharing

Last night Yahoo Video added uploading so you can share your videos with your friends and the world. Once you’ve uploaded a video, you can add tags, email or IM a link to your video as well as cut & paste code so you can embed the video into your website or blog. The video clip above is of my son when we visited Tokyo last Summer.