Month: June 2006

  • Digg 3.0 – stats and cool visualization

    I missed the Digg 3.0 launch party earlier this week where they previewed a cool new visualization tool that will be launching later this month. I was alerted to it because of the Diggnation podcast and am thankful to the site for pointing me to a video which shows this new visualization. More details […]

  • Media Consumption in Middle America. TV still king but web not far behind.

      I attended the presentation of the Online Publisher’s Association latest research report on media consumption at the Four Seasons in San Francisco this morning. Details on the report can be found within the OPA press release. The research was interesting in that it was unlike most reports which (a) are limited to what participants […]

  • Alexander Vraciu, the original Top Gun

    Alexander Vraciu, the original Top Gun

    On my way back from a day trip to LA, I sat next to a quiet old man who was settling in for the short flight back home to Oakland. I asked him how his day was going and was kind of surprised to hear him say he’s been really busy. He then told me […]

  • Ergo Sum in the Digital Age

    Steve Rubel calls it Picture-in-a-Picture marketing, Fergus calls it widget marketing. As the traditional walled garden web blows apart, more and more small, loosely joined pieces are made available to re-configure themselves into new combinations. Call it mashups for the rest of us – your blog or MySpace profile is a platform where you mix […]

  • Tyler gets a Yellow Belt

    Aikido Yellow Belt Test, originally uploaded by inky. On Saturday, Tyler passed his test for a Yellow belt in Aikido. He was nervous at first but did just fine. More photos here.

  • Izumi

    Went to Mie & Dav’s celebration/baby shower for their baby due out anytime in the next few weeks. Mie literally looks like she ate an entire basketball – she’s perfectly round. No, they haven’t decided on a name yet but “Tesla” was being mulled over as of yesterday. I’m sure they’ll find the perfect name […]

  • Yahoo Hack Day

    Yahoo Hack Day

    A crash course in Product Management

  • Nokia delivers a podcatcher

    I see that Nokia’s shipping a piece of software that in hindsight is so obvious, it’s amazing no one thought of it earlier. As onboard storage gets larger and larger (the new Nokia’s have 4GB!), the viability for the phone to double as an iPod substitute makes more and more sense. Sony played around with […]

  • eBay completes social media troika, message boards, blogs, now a wiki

    EBay recently launched blogs for it’s members as a supplement to its very active forum community. While message boards are useful for loosely classified conversations where anyone can start a thread, blogs are better suited for individuals who want to project a voice around an area of expertise. We’re already seeing examples of this as […]

  • Found with Davy Rothbart

    While my normal commute hour is filled with podcasts from the usual tech talk shows and NPR highlights, every now and then I dip into the vast archive of talks over on and pick a few interesting lectures. Today I found a gem! Davy Rothbart runs Found magazine and speaks at Pop Tech about […]

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