Digg 3.0 – stats and cool visualization


I missed the Digg 3.0 launch party earlier this week where they previewed a cool new visualization tool that will be launching later this month. I was alerted to it because of the Diggnation podcast and am thankful to the infosthetics.com site for pointing me to a video which shows this new visualization.

More details on Digg 3.0 with some interesting stats from the TalkCrunch interview with Kevin Rose and Jay Adelson. Notes from the podcast below.

Digg prototype built back in October 2004 in 2 weeks for $1200.

Launched December 5th, 2004. First big story on Digg was about Paris Hilton’s cellphone getting hacked. Both Yahoo & Google pointed to Digg as the nubmer one source of information on this story bringing down their servers.

Digg 2.0 launched in July 2005.

As of today, 1500 – 2000 new stories submitted each day. Between 30 – 50 stories make it to the front page.

700-800k unique visitors/day, 8.5 million unique visitors/month, doubling every two months. Adding 1,000 to 1,500 new registered users/day. On the average day, anywhere from 1/5 – 1/3 of the users are active on the site.

9.5 million pageviews/day – bigger than slashdot, maybe even bigger than the New York Times. A majority (95%) of this traffic is from the US with most of the non-US traffic from the UK and Japan.

Majority of traffic to TechCrunch come from Digg. More than Google.

Some interesting perspective of digg v. the new Netscape.com and Reuters’ view of blogs in general and social news sites in particular.





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