Happy Friday – Good Reading

I’ve been busy so have fallen behind on my reading. Scanning through some older posts in my reader I ran across these two excellent posts by some fellow Yahoo’s that make me proud to work here. Enjoy!

Searching for what doesn’t exist – Bradley Horowitz talks about answers.yahoo.com. Existing search engines point you to the best match on pages that exist. Answers is the first service that coaxes knowledge from the collective smarts of Yahoo’s pool of half a billion monthly users.

Beat to death with a Rosetta Stone I’m not a coder but JR Conlin’s comparison of the different programming languages is so well written (an hilarious) that I can really appreciate what it’s like to be one.

The fashion of business – Matt McAlister writes that compared to the British and Japanese, Californians actually do have a sense of style, just not in clothes. “Americans may not be dressed as smartly as Europeans, but their business sense is acutely tuned to fashion in the markets in a way that is still unmatched around the world.”






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