flickr images in space and time

I was going to hold off on the Yay! Yay! Yahoo! posts for awhile after such a long string of them but then flickr took it’s wraps off it’s maps integration and I couldn’t resist. If you haven’t had a chance to play around with this, check it out. From your flickr account you can now Organize photos on a new Map tab. True to form, it’s all drag and drop and you can also set permissions because everything you drag onto the map will be thrown into the general collection of photos that everyone else drags onto the table. Look at the image above and to the right – this feature was launched only this afternoon and there are already over 15,000 (as of 11pm tonight) images polka-dotting the San Francisco peninsula! also adding flickr integration today with a handy-dandy tag generator for each upcoming event (they also pushed out a number of other changes which spiff up the site quite nicely). How many times have you been to one of those “well-documented” events where it seems like the people are more interested in moblogging each other than actually speaking (maybe this is just a Bay Area thing). At some point, someone gets the bright idea that it would be great to have everyone tag their collective photos so they can be pulled together under one URL. The recent TechCrunch/August Capital bash generated a ton of photos that were all looped under the techcrunch7 tag which was whispered from photographer to photographer as the evening went on. Now Upcoming resolves the doubt and debate and generates a tag for you right on the calendar entry for the event later crawling flickr to look for that tag to integrate thumbnails of your photos right onto the event page (see image above).

In one brilliant stroke we have a community of images in space (maps) and time (upcoming). I think it’s safe to say that we are living in one of the best documented ages ever. Archeologists of the future are going to have more than enough material to work with but I wonder what they’ll think about this sudden explosion of images in the early 2000’s – what caused this sudden impulse to re-interpret the world around us and categorize and share everything?

UPDATE: after only 24 hours Stewart writes that over 1.2 million photos have been geo-tagged. Never under-estimate the human desire to put things in their place!






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  1. marc Avatar

    I’ve played with the flickr geomap tool a bit and I’m not sure I totally get the value.

    If your pics are of a time and place that you want geotargeted…it’s sorta obvious where the pics were taken in the first place.

    Techcrunch for example.

    Great UI and integration of flickr…I just think there may be a better use for it.

  2. iankennedy Avatar

    I’m interested in the use of a map as a way of browsing a photo collection. It’s still early but already I’ve added my photos of John Battelle and Chris Anderson speaking at Yahoo’s HQ. If you go to flickr’s Explore > Photos on a Map selection you get controls to filter by Group or by any of your contacts.

    Select “inky” and zoom in on LA and you’ll quickly find my photos of our recent Blogging 101 class and, you giving the camera a sidelong glance as you edit your template.

  3. marc db levin Avatar

    OK…I like that filter. Lil’ more useful.

    thanks inky!

    [you can find my scotland trip photos ‘mil8’ on the map]

  4. marc db levin Avatar

    OK…I like that filter. Lil’ more useful.

    thanks inky!

    [you can find my scotland trip photos ‘mil8’ on the map]

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