There is another Yahoo Hack Day for Yahoo staff coming up next month. Last time was a blast and our hack continues to live on with a recent mention in BusinessWeek. I fully intend to participate and am already thinking about a few ideas but am even more psyched that we’re opening things up to the public for an open Hack Day on September 29th.

Rather than keep all the fun to ourselves, we decided to let the unwashed masses come in and try their hand at stitching something cool together at our first public Yahoo Hack Day. This is what it’s all about – why limit creativity to just a pool of 10,000?

If you think you have a better way of doing things, right on! Come over to the Yahoo headquarters in Sunnyvale on September 29th and show us the future as you would define it. Give something back, bank some karma and make them internets that much kinder & gentler.

Developer workshop on Friday followed by 24 hours of hacking capped with demos MC’d by Mike Arrington of TechCrunch and then a blowout, Yahoo-style pah-tey! For details and a sign up (hurry! space limited!) go to Should be a blast.

PS. If you can’t get past the “cyphertext” on, let’s just say that’s our first intelligence test.