I don’t know why but I just can’t stop

Shhhhh! It’s a sekret!

Go to (oooh & ahhh over the new design if you haven’t seen it), mouse over the "!" on the logo and click.

Hours of fun. Really. 



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hehehehe.. we flashmobed this in the office.. hilarious..when you find 15 pc yahooing in cohoots -when the office hottie walks by !! me bad !!

Amit at
blog posted it, too.

Here’s another tip: You need to be on Internet Explorer in order to hear it by just clicking the exclamation point.

If you are using Firefox or Safari (like I am), download the Yahoo Song in SWF or MP3 formats.


thanks for posting on and the eventual digg – totally spiked my traffic!


Firefox on a PC works just fine, not sure about FF or Safari on the Mac as my machine is having trouble booting up this morning 🙁

Hi Jose,

If you had your speakers on, it used to play the Yahoo “yodel.” This post is really old and today we often swap out the standard logo with animated themed variations of the logo (like the winter scene you see today) so the sound file animation doesn’t work.

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