Month: November 2006

  • Google Maps in your Pants?

    Oh my God – this is so bad it’s funny. Dave Cassel of 10 Zen Monkeys deconstructs a radio spot on the GPS-enabled Helio that features a jingle refrain that’s going to stick with me a long time. I don’t think this was what Google was thinking when they set out to “organize the world’s […]

  • A Lazy Man’s Hack

    Back in September I wrote about a quick and dirty hack which showed how you could use a service called to build a badge which would show a visual representation of your blogroll. I never got around to finishing up the rest of the story. Basically, the 20-minute hack post made the front page […]

  • When Ad Sense Misbehaves

    Jay Allen of Six Apart points to Ad Sense showing up in his Vox comment box. It’s a bug of course (limited to Safari) but with all the talk about marketers "inserting themselves into the conversation" this made me laugh. UPDATE : Whiz kids over at 6A kicked the tires and now all is well […]


    Yahoo, Microsoft, and Google now all support the same sitemap protocol. If you are concerned about the way the search engines crawl and index your site, create a sitemap and make it available. More information at Also be sure to check out Yahoo! Site Explorer for more tools on how to manage your site […]

  • Web 2.0 Summit – Highlights

    Eric Schmidt Denied earlier rumors that funds were distributed to studios that have them “look the other way” while Google/YouTube put a licensing scheme in place. Would like to support the exporting of user’s search history out of Google. This is the “ultimate pressure valve” to keeping them honest. Positioned online (and free) word processing […]

  • Web 2.0 Summit – where do we go from here?

    Various technological shenanigans kept me from live-blogging last week’s Web 2.0 Summit as planned so here’s my run down of the highlights from my notes. Don Tapscott’s workshop and the popular Launchpad session are covered in earlier posts. The conference has already been covered in depth so I’ll try and add my own personal observations […]

  • I’ve been Wagged!

    It wasn’t exactly the debut on Valleywag I was looking for but I’m on a roster of folks scheduled to be booted from Yahoo next week: Senior Product Manager in Corporate Development Ian Kennedy [here for another ride (maybe the tilt-a-whirl)] Heh.  They’ve got me in the wrong group, I’m a Product Manager of […]

  • Web 2.0 Summit – Launchpad

    The Launchpad session last year was one of the more exciting sessions at the Web 2.0 show. This year they had a panel filter through hundreds of candidates to arrive at the “baker’s dozen” below: – music practice as a video game. Play along to background music and get realtime feedback on how you’re […]

  • Don Tapscott – The Digital Generation

    Don Tapscott wrote Growing up Digital and the Digital Economy We’re going through an echo of the baby boom but the echo is actually louder because there are more kids than there are boomer. 80 million. No wonder we have a crises in the school system. This generation is the first to grow up “bathed […]

  • Christmas Shopping 2.0 and Riya

    A little tidbit I picked up from a fellow at Riya. They will be announcing Riya 2.0 in the next few days which will take their face-recognition know how and apply to finding similar things when out shopping. He pointed to the rather ornate carpet on which we were standing and said that Riya would […]