Don Tapscott – The Digital Generation

Don Tapscott wrote Growing up Digital and the Digital Economy

We’re going through an echo of the baby boom but the echo is actually louder because there are more kids than there are boomer. 80 million. No wonder we have a crises in the school system. This generation is the first to grow up “bathed in digital” and the first one to know more about something important than their parents. It’s not a generation gap, it’s a generation “lap” where the kids are lapping their parents.

He then went through several major characteristics of what Don call’s the NGen.

Freedom of choice – choice is important, “like oxygen”

Freedom to customize – 52% say that they change or modify things they buy. Pimp my Ride is teh #3 show for this generation.

The New Scrutinizers – 42% of those at the top of the adoption pyramid write reviews online.

Search for Integrity – the bullshit detectors are actively scanning.

Relationships/Collaboration – no concept of a barrier to sharing. 65% want a two-way interaction with brands they buy. Consumers are now producers.

Experiences/Entertainment/Fun/Playfulness – everything all becomes the same thing. 74% believe “fun” is a vital ingredient in any product.

Speed – immediate gratification allows you to better multi-task and get more done.

Other quotes:

“MySpace is not a social network,” that’s just the technology, “it’s a new form of production and distribution of music.” (and culture).






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