Year: 2006

  • Yahoo Go

    There’s a site up today that walks you through Yahoo’s vision of service which connects you to your information regardless of the device you use, your PC desktop, your TV, or your cellphone. It’s called Yahoo Go. Russell Beattie’s got an updating list of media coverage links. 

  • Wi- Fi enabled LCD Picture Frame

    I’ve always been a big fan of ambient displays of information as a non-intrusive way of keeping up with the river of information that flows through our lives. Screensavers and scrolling images are one method which shows promise and in our new broadband, always-on world. PointCast was popular because people liked the concept but it […]

  • Monterey First Night

    Monterey First Night

    We just got back from a few days down in Monterey where we greeted the New Year with the rest of the town at their annual First Night Festival. We thought the kids get tired out by their usual 8pm bedtime but they were so excited to be spending the night in a hotel room […]