Year: 2006

  • But I still haven’t found what I’m looking for. . .

    I was hoping to just let the dust settle a bit before choosing to post but then I was reminded that my last post on weird Japanese exercise devices seems to be an odd welcome to anyone looking for a perspective on the latest hullabaloo from someone focused on social media projects at Yahoo. Early […]

  • Apple Core

    Izumi gave Julia an apple for a snack and a couple minutes later this was all that was left! She sure doesn’t leave anything to waste.

  • Gallop your way to a better figure

    $2,000 will get you the latest in Japanese massage chair technology. The Joba is fully equipped to simulate a leisurely ride on a well-behaved horse. Research at Panasonic, where the Joba is made, have shown that this mechanical saddle gently stimulates the glutes and lower torso and is great low impact exercise for those with […]

  • Harlem Globetrotters

    Tyler and I had the good fortune to catch the Harlem Globetrotters when they were at the Oakland Coliseum last Friday. Our neighbor works at and ad agency and they had a few extra comp tickets that got us right up close. Our seats were only five rows back and from there, Tyler spotted a […]

  • Hana-kuso

    Sometimes are kids come blurt out the strangest things. Just tonight, out of the blue, Julia let us know that, "When I’m picking my nose. . .  I’m looking for diamonds." Izumi and I looked each other just to make sure we heard the same thing then, busted out laughing.

  • Kill the Paperboy

    Sometimes and idea gets floated that is so out of whack with current trends that you wonder if the author is just trolling for pageviews. Predicting the death of Google seems to be the latest parlor game and BusinessWeek columnist Jon Fine has the latest with his post, Putting the Screws to Google. What if […]

  • Yahoo acquires WebJay

    Yahoo announced today that it has acquired the shared playlist service, WebJay. A one man operation that is the brainchild of Lucas Gonze who will be joining Yahoo and spreading the joy. In his own words: From the audio and video perspective, the meaning of playlists is that they’re the container format for the internet. […]

  • Apple Rumor Mill – Place Yer Bets!

    As much as I hate the prediction game, the temptation is just too great. With the keynote less than 24 hours away, here’s a roundup of some of the latest rumors of what’s going to come out of Steve Jobs’ pocket tomorrow followed by my picks. Intel-based Mac Mini & iBook (ThinkSecret) Mac Mini reworked […]

  • Fore!

    I’m not much of a golfer. I never did understand the attraction of hitting a little white ball around and then, as is usually my case, looking for it in the bushes. I never gave the sport a chance when I was young and had a chance to get into it. I guess patience comes […]

  • Sony Reader shown at CES

    Gizmodo has coverage of a new reader from Sony based on technology licensed from eInk Corporation based up in Boston. Sony had launched an earlier version of this product, the Libre, in the Japanese market but it apparently never took off because of it’s restrictive DRM technology. Since I have to drive to work I’m […]