Month: May 2007

  • Microsoft Surface, Minority Report realized

    I saw and blogged about an early prototype of this device back when I saw it demoed at eTech last year. It blew people away back then and is even more impressive today. The video below shows some new enhancements such as the ability to drag photos from a digital camera to the table for […]

  • MyBlogLog layers on tagging, this is going to be fun!

    MyBlogLog – tagging – new feature – techcrunch – Robyn Tippins – YCoolThing – Eric & Todd – Cameron Marlow’s Idea – fingers tired – new job – great fun!

  • Way to go WallStrip!

    Techcrunch confirms that CBS has purchased Wallstrip. Lindsay Campbell, the host, drops by CBS headquarters to meet her new colleagues. [Watch]

  • Tango, the world’s fastest (and thinnest) urban car

    So I was at Maker Faire this past weekend which I cannot recommend highly enough. There were so many cool things to see and a really wish I hadn’t lost my camera at the Web 2.0 Expo otherwise I would have been posting tons of pictures of all the wild and crazy things I saw […]

  • How to lose friends and influence competitors

    Gamers are sniggering behind Sony’s back as they roll out an advertising campaign for the Playstation that uses game images from Project Gotham Racing 3, a game made exclusively for Microsoft’s Xbox 360. Schrankmonster Blog has the details here, and here: First on their website Then on their partner’s website, Kia Then in print.

  • Bebo’s “Invite Your Friends” a tad aggressive

    As competing social networks vie for my attention, I notice that the email outreach campaigns have kicked into gear. Maybe they want to catch the kids before they head out for Summer vacation but it seems like all the services I signed up for back when I was doing some research are reaching out for […]

  • David Weinberger on the Miscellaneous

    One of the great things about working at Yahoo is that on any given week there’s a brown bag lunch with someone interesting or provocative. Posters around campus promote these bigger draws and I subscribe to an internal mailing list which lets me know of the others. I try and make it to as many […]

  • YouTube Active Sharing

    First time I noticed this but there’s an icon up by your profile next to “History” that lets you know about YouTube’s Active Sharing feature. When you start Active Sharing, your username will appear to other users on the videos you watch. A list of videos you’ve recently watched will also appear on your profile […]

  • Mike Nolet on Ad Exchanges, a great primer

    If you’re coming up to speed on Ad Exchanges and how they are fundementally different from Ad Networks, Mike Nolet of Right Media has a great soup-to-nuts primer across three posts. Part One Part Two Part Three Mike’s only been blogging for a couple of months but he’s got a ton of really interesting posts […]

  • FlipFrames launches

    Congratulations Dave, Aaron, and Josh!

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