Month: June 2007

  • Things to do while your friends are playing with their new iPhones

    While the rest of Silicon Valley is going to be blogging about their new iPhone, I figured I might as well point you to a few things you could be doing instead. You know, productive things: 1. Make your own Simpson’s Avatar (right). Be sure to turn the sound on because the sound effects are […]

  • The Power of Suggestion

    Now that we’ve got shiny new servers we can start to tick things off the list that have been queued up while folks have been busy stringing cables and spinning up new disks. Earlier this week we re-worked the universal footer on the site and launched the MyBlogLog Suggestion Board. The Suggestion Board was born […]

  • Now working at MyBlogLog

    Some of you already know but to bring the far flung readers up to date, as of a few weeks ago, I transferred to a new team at Yahoo. I’ve been holding off on writing about my job with MyBlogLog (they’re an acquisition we made back in January) as I’ve been taking it all in, […]

  • Robots!

    At the Robogames in San Francisco I got to see Zou Ren Tii’s Body Double robot. Can you tell which one is the robot? More photos from the day here.

  • Turning off Feedburner Link Splicer

    Nothing worse than looking at the last five posts for your blog and seeing a bunch of Links for 2007-06-08 [] which is just a sorry excuse for saying that your blog still has a pulse. I’m working dammit – if I have something to share I’ll blog about it and, if you subscribe, than […]