The Power of Suggestion

Now that we’ve got shiny new servers we can start to tick things off the list that have been queued up while folks have been busy stringing cables and spinning up new disks. Earlier this week we re-worked the universal footer on the site and launched the MyBlogLog Suggestion Board.

The Suggestion Board was born out of one of Yahoo’s internal hack days where the folks over in Yahoo Autos wanted a quick and easy way for their users to tell them which new features they thought were the most important. Combining simple forum features with a simple thumbs up, thumbs down voting mechanism (all the rage these days) the team polished up their hack and now provide it as a platform service for any Yahoo property.

Suggestion Boards have been popping up all over the place and we’re pleased to have one for our community as well. Robyn’s got a great write up on how it works. If you’re a MyBlogLog user (if you’re not, sign up!) and have an idea for a new feature or just want to poke around and see what others have suggested and add your vote to their ideas, jump on in. The team loves to get feedback.

One final thing. There’s an easter egg hidden in the new footer on the site. See if you can find it.







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  1. mie Avatar

    Found it! Makes me want to think of a better name fast!

    Got to play more with the service first…little by little.

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