Things to do while your friends are playing with their new iPhones

simpsonavatar.pngWhile the rest of Silicon Valley is going to be blogging about their new iPhone, I figured I might as well point you to a few things you could be doing instead. You know, productive things:

1. Make your own Simpson’s Avatar (right). Be sure to turn the sound on because the sound effects are an important part of the experience.

2. Reserve your tickets to Ratatouille because that’s going to be the first thing everyone’s going to do to impress their friends with their new iPhone.

3. If you charged anything to Visa or Mastercard while overseas anytime between 1996 and 2006, you may have some money coming to you. Total up your overseas charges and you may get 3% of it back. I’ve got almost enough for my own iPhone.

4. Download your own iPhone ringtone and fake out your friends.






2 responses to “Things to do while your friends are playing with their new iPhones”

  1. daniela barbosa Avatar

    my Simpson’s Avatar

    is going to see Ratatouille
    with the money that is coming to me from MC
    leaving her cell phone on with the new iphone ring

  2. Bill Hartzer Avatar

    I just downloaded my iphone ringtone..and it definitely made some heads turn!

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