Eric leaving MyBlogLog

I’m really sorry to see Eric go. Being the "Tom of MyBlogLog" he was not only your first friend after signing up for MyBlogLog, his personality defined the community as only a co-founder can. I’ve only worked with Eric for a couple of months but it’s been a blast. Some things I’ll miss:

  • whiteboard sessions, the man can’t think without a marker in his hand
  • pointers to some internet meme that you’d never heard of (I’ll never be able to listen to Fallout Boy without laughing)
  • random interjections of "dude" and "rock on" just to keep the serious types on their toes
  • shorts & combat boots in the office, why not?
  • that aging orange and black "They Might Be Giants" t-shirt

Robyn’s stepping into the "First Friend" role and while she’s a bit nervous, I know she’s going to do just fine. I’ll be posting more as the voice of the product along with Todd. I’m not Eric but hopefully I can keep things just as interesting in my own way.

UPDATE: Eric’s blogging over at






2 responses to “Eric leaving MyBlogLog”

  1. Dav Avatar

    Actually, I have to say I found it a little creepy that some dude I never met decided he was going to force himself as my first friend when I joined his site.

  2. ian Avatar

    It’s all about saying “hi” and giving you a real person with whom you can interact. We were thinking about replacing him with a new avatar that was a blending photos from everyone on the team but that freaked us all out and we went with Robyn, our community manager instead.

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