Everyone loves a contest

Pro-bloggerNothing gets bloggers’ juices flowing better than a leaderboard. Today we launched a friendly little contest to see who can add the most users to their MyBlogLog community between now and the end of the month. Face it, we’ve all been there – how many friends do you have on MySpace? How many of Facebook? How many are following you on Twitter? Now’s your chance – tell your friends to join your blog’s community on MyBlogLog and if you end up on top, we’re offering a bevy of fabulous prizes to help you blog better.

Details here. Be sure to join my community while you’re at it!






2 responses to “Everyone loves a contest”

  1. Hock Avatar

    The contest is a great idea. The early complains that I hear are related to the fact that it is only open to US-based bloggers. Secondly, that’s got to be one of the worst contest logos I’ve ever seen! 🙂

  2. ian Avatar

    I wish we could have had a global contest but coordination of a legal review of the contest rules by all the Yahoo lawyers around the world (for their local laws) would have made our “little contest” a huge undertaking.

    About the logo – yes, it’s a bit basic – we’ve never been known for our graphical skillz.

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