Getting back to what’s real

After a breathless day at the office with multiple IM windows open, twitter updates pinging away in my snitter window and heavy discussions on internal email lists, I retreated to a dinner party with my suburban neighbors to unwind from the week’s events. My mind was bubbling over with thoughts from the day’s news and the significance for the valley’s latest star, Facebook and mid-conversation over a tumbler of Maker’s with my neighbor who builds HVAC systems for companies like Cisco, Google, and Yahoo my neighbor interrupts and asks, “What is Facebook?”

Solipsists’ bubble popped I realize what a small corner of the world I exist. In the grand scheme of things, none of this really matters. With that in mind, allow me to share two items of mind-boggling impact that really send the mind reeling. These come to you via Todd Sampson, co-founder of MyBlogLog who sits next to me at the office and, in true renaissance form, has his fingers in all sorts of interesting developments.

Fab @ Home – full plans for a kit that will allow you to “print” a 3-d object out of any material. Check out the video. Because blueprints for the objects are just files with instructions for the printer, it’s now possible to download plans for things like spare parts for your washing machine or even a wedding cake. Imagine being able to email someone a chocolate bar!

Wired Science video on Body Builders which describes a process where researchers have been able to “grow” body parts for transplants.  Watch them grow a blood vessel which, after a few weeks, begins to pump blood on its own. Cell substraits are “printed” using recycled HP inkjet cartridges.

In light of this news, advancements in social networking seem so, trivial.






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