Human Flying Squirrels

human flying squirrel

Check out this insane video of nutbags jumping off cliffs and flying down with nothing but a modified bat suit (they call them “wingsuits”) to slow them down. Favorite quote, “At first we used to try and jump as far away from the cliff as possible but that got boring. . . ” Watch when three of them bunch up and do somersaults in mid air!

Whatever you’re doing this weekend, it pales in comparison to this.

credit to Doc Serls for this gem

UPDATE : More craziness (this time with skis) surfaced on this video of wingsuit base jumping

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4 responses to “Human Flying Squirrels”

  1. Steve Spencer Avatar

    That’s insane.

  2. esofthub Avatar

    I could not believe how close those “fly squirrels” got to the canyon’s walls. I was thinking they were going to wipe out on a few of those frames. I was surprised they were able to film it as well as they did.

    I was a paratrooper (static line) and that’s nothing compared to what these nutbags are doing. Talk about thrill seeking. No thanks.

  3. sarcasm abounds Avatar

    Hey Bullwinkle! Watch me splatter all over the ground…


  4. Wode Wunna Avatar
    Wode Wunna

    reminds me of Wile E. Coyote

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