Year: 2007

  • Climbing back up the rankings

    Climbing back up the rankings

    One of the most frustrating things about moving your blog to a new domain is watching your various rankings drop off a cliff and the associated loss in all the things that come with it. Despite all the attention to detail (301 redirects, revisions on all your various social networking profiles, re-writing URLs) you basically […]

  • Squitters

    Some internal discussion here on people that grab brand name Twitter handles so they can later sell them to the highest bidder. Like the domain squatters of old. Remember Joshua Quittners stunt? Yahoo colleague Ryan Kuder came up with the term. squitter n. an individual who grabs a brand name twitter handle for future […]

  • Apple Price Drop: It was all part of the plan

    Steve Jobs ain’t no dummy. Robert Cringely writes, Apple introduced the iPhone at $599 to milk the early adopters and somewhat limit demand then dropped the price to $399 (the REAL price) to stimulate demand now that the product is a critical success and relatively bug-free. At least 500,000 iPhones went out at the old […]

  • Google Reader adds Search. Why Competition is Good.

    Just a few days after posting about the new Bloglines beta and how it was nice to re-discover their search your feeds feature, Google announced that they’ve finally added a search box to their Reader. I’m staying with Bloglines right now for the novelty of it but I’ve noticed; Things that get marked “read” don’t […]

  • What is a Product Manager anyway?

    My 5 year old daughter just started Kindergarten this week and she asked me to explain to her exactly what I did at Yahoo so she could convey this to her class. She barely uses a computer so I was a bit challenged but then I remembered a great post by Susan Mernit that summed […]

  • Uniqlock – Uniqlo’s Viral Advertisement

    The Japanese clothing store Uniqlo has burst onto the scene with a viral widget that features a clock interspersed with a robotic model featuring their new polo shirt. Click through to the site and explore the video in more detail as well as a cool, interactive map which features other blogs running the widget. The […]

  • And in other news this weekend

    NBC pulls its content off of iTunes, thinks it can force Office fans to pay $4.99/episode from a site called Hulu. The gamble NBCU is making is that they can still make business decisions with their content that don’t include their customers. – Terry Heaton The talented ones will go first. Bad news for you, […]

  • Time Lapse Video of Bay Bridge Construction

    The Bay Bridge was closed this Labor Day weekend so we stayed close to home and didn’t venture across the Bay into the city. Here’s a time lapse video of what CalTrans was up to. The bridge opened this evening, 11 hours ahead of schedule. CC Myers was the contractor on the job, the same […]

  • Pitching for the Yankees – “Ian-Kredible”

    So I’ve been following my doppelganger’s budding baseball career ever since he first blipped up on my Technorati feed as a hot prospect for the Yankee’s draft last Summer. I’m super-pleased to see that the young Ian pretty much aced his debut as a pitcher against the Devil Rays and has earned himself another start […]

  • Cool Little Trick for Multiplication

    What’s 23 x 33? Here’s a visual way to solve the problem. Draw 2 lines and then 3 lines to represent 23 and cross them with 3 lines followed by another 3 lines for 33 as in the drawing above. Add up the number of intersections in each corner of the square as if they […]