Month: January 2008

  • Barack Obama’s Speechwriter is 26

    I missed this write-up on Jon Favreau, Barack’s head speechwriter, in the New York Times Fashion section last week. He first started writing for Obama when he met him during John Kerry’s campaign back in 2004. Life was relatively quiet then, and Mr. Obama and Mr. Favreau had some time to hang out. When Mr. […]

  •, full tracks now for free

    My favorite music site, has done away with the 30-second preview and now serves up full-length streams of all of their tracks, all for free. In a blog post, says that they’ll limit each track to three plays before a notice pops up promoting a new, Unlimited Listening Subscription. The artists will be […]

  • MyBlogLog API

    MyBlogLog API

    Thanks to an unsolicited write-up by Marshall Kirkpatrick over at ReadWriteWeb the story about the MyBlogLog API has been getting some coverage. The API is currently an invite-only beta while we get some people to take a look at it and give us some feedback. The API is interesting not only because of the public […]

  • Going to Burning Man?

    Tickets now on sale. Burning Man – Les Claypool

  • Why verify?

    MyBlogLog just pushed out a release which allows you to “claim” ownership of your MyBlogLog profile. It’s dead easy. Undergoing MyBlogLog Verification

  • Multi-tasking, today is busy

    What happens when you get more screen real estate by adding a 24″ second monitor? You fill it up.  This has got to be a record. 9 IM windows active (5 people from Yahoo, 4 from outside) 9 Firefox tabs (one playing sound off of a video) 6 Outlook windows (1 calendar appointment, 4 half-written […]

  • Two Blogs to Watch

    The co-founders of MyBlogLog are. . . wait for it . . . blogging! Todd Sampson and Eric Marcoullier have brushed off their CSS chops and will turn their critical eye to the world around them. Todd’s got a baby girl on the way so we’ll get to follow that journey as well as his […]

  • Nate Ritter’s one man band media service

    I went to a meetup sponsored by Netsquared and saw Nate Ritter talk about how he was able to fill in during the power outages during the San Diego fires and keep us all informed on what was going on. Part of his amazing story is how on the first day he worked for over […]

  • Big Waves off of California

    While on vacation in Hawaii, I had the chance to head up to the North Shore a few times and get a peak at the surfing scene during the winter months. The winter storms churn up some good surf and the Triple Crown was underway. Those same storms gathered strength and slammed into California bringing […]