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Going to Burning Man?

Tickets now on sale.

Burning Man – Les Claypool

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Contact Leo Sauermann, he of the EverythingYourDeskAlways (my words, actually) … NEPOMuk or whatevuh, from *ponders* DKFI.
I met him through a post by him after *gasp!* during BurningMan ?which? prolly ’06 … I’d been watching pics from a guy who had his Cesna down there, and mebbe Leo left a comment. I clicked and *klik* yaa, DataPortability … XML-RPC/Ajax/XHR … JSON? Sure … take the data and run; a service … OhShiet I wanted to add “Flares” to DoS on WikiPedia (I created RateBasedInstrusionProtection last night. Got totally side-tracked. Thanks for the talk-in.)

K …
… that.

Contact Leo, he’s a great egg.
All continental sophistication.
Hey! Get him to give you a tour of CERN next time you’re EU-bound!


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