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Thanks to an unsolicited write-up by Marshall Kirkpatrick over at ReadWriteWeb the story about the MyBlogLog API has been getting some coverage. The API is currently an invite-only beta while we get some people to take a look at it and give us some feedback. The API is interesting not only because of the public data such as user & site tags unique to the MyBlogLog index but also because of the ability for the API to act as a pointer to other sources of data.

Each member on MyBlogLog has a “Services” tab which allows them to share pointers to their profile on other sites such as Digg, Twitter, Flickr,, etc. In this way, the MyBlogLog API can serve as a lookup that can tell you where to find someone on these other sites and pull together a more complete view of someone across the web. The MyBlogLog API delivers on a vision we’ve had for the service, a DNS for People.

The web is a collection of digital artifacts. Text, photos, sound files are by-products that are digitized and indexed. We use search engines to locate these artifacts but no one has built a way to tie all these artifacts back to their owner.

Until today. Yahoo’s very own Kent Brewster was quick off the mark with his own hack which surfaced links to these other profiles of recent visitors as well as, if available, the most recent Twitter post. Aldon Hynes posted at length this weekend and I look forward to seeing him explore member relationships using the API as he did so when he posted his detailed images of his MyBlogLog Social Graph.

I’m really happy to see this vision of MyBlogLog API as a building block coming together and am proud to see MyBlogLog play a role in making these connections easier to find making the web a little easier to use. As with any effort such as this, there were numerous people that played a role in getting this off the ground but there are a few key individuals who deserve special mention:

Chris Goffinet was the lead engineer who built the thing over the course of a week and then tuned the heck out of it over its several incarnations.

Todd Sampson & Eric Marcoullier (MyBlogLog co-founders) have been pushing for this API since day one and are basically the API’s patron saints.

JR Conlin & Kent Brewster (from the Yahoo Developer Network) were both invaluable for early feedback, cheerleading, and general code-wrangling.

If you’re interested in getting on the list for the beta, sign up and let us know what you’re working on.






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  1. Ben Tremblay Avatar

    *No comments yet? That always makes me edgy … like I’ve walked into a Cathedral.*

    HiYa –
    Somewhere in your posts I commented about the confound between UserName and ID by integer … and felt pretty self-concious about that … but I just read something that tells me I’m not a lunatic:
    in the Flikr interface example in “Hypermedia in RESTful applications” Mark Baker points to the exchange required to get contact info … that’s what I was mumbling about. (“Mumbling” because I code, but am not a programmer.)

    “A hypermedia solution would have used standardized identifiers – URIs, for the Web – instead of proprietary ones, thereby avoiding the need for Flickr-proprietary knowledge for a client to go from a document with a list of people, to a document about one of those people.”

    I’m not suggesting what’s being done is /wrong/ … just that it isn’t using the resources ?what? artfully.


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