Month: April 2008

  • MyBlogLog & Microformats

    Sometimes it’s the simple things. Last week we switched on another piece of the microformats suite and all MyBlogLog profiles now support vCard and hCard formats. For more details, see the MyBlogLog blog. For more on Microformats in general and why they’re cool, see Denise Olson’s excellent primer, An Introduction to Microformats.

  • MyBlogLog and Web 2.0 Expo

    Todd and I have been busy hanging out over at this week’s Web 2.0 Expo (save one short visit to the nearby Blue Bottle Coffee, thanks Sam!) but the team has been back at MyBlogLog HQ cranking out some cool stuff regardless. HCard & VCard support – very cool to see these come to light. […]

  • Dipity Lifestream Visualization

    Just re-discovered Dipity which was a cool tool for creating timelines. They now have jumped onto the lifestreaming bandwagon and provide a way to publish and share a portion of your lifestream in a visual way.

  • The Lifestream Filter Will be the Next Great Algorithm War

    I’m paraphrasing the title of this post from David Recordon who threw this line out following a chat I had with him a couple of weeks back. It’s a very insightful observation that predicts opportunities in the real-time world which lifestream services operate. It’s now easier than ever to pull together an aggregated feed of […]

  • Community 2.0 with Twitter

    MyBlogLog just launched an experiment and a shared account at All of us on the team have twitter accounts and have been tripping over each other using our accounts to respond to people and get the word out to our various, over-lapping pools of followers. The twittersphere is so noisy anyway that when we […]

  • Facebook takes away your thumbs

    Inside Facebook noticed that the thumbs up icon no longer on the Facebook mini-feed.  All in the name of simplification says Facebook but to me it seems like they’ve removed a sense of control over the feed I once thought I had. Curiously, the FAQ is still there.

  • Our Local Pocket Cinema

    Nice write-up in the San Francisco Chronicle of our local, 49-seat movie theater in Alameda. It’s a one-man operation with the same guy who takes your tickets and serving you popcorn also running the projector. With old couches and laz-y-boy chairs to sit on, it’s more reminiscent of Cinema Paradiso than your standard Lowes megaplex. […]

  • Bluetooth Headset Monitors Conversations, Offers Helpful Advice

    A new type of Bluetooth headset hits the market today that offers a unique service for busy travelers on the go. Listening in on your conversations, the Concierge by Sony Ericsson offers helpful tips when it senses hesitation or pause in the dialog. Let’s say you’re talking to your date about a good place to […]