$54 Million lawsuit over lost pants

For crying out loud – this is what’s wrong with the US legal system. A former judge is suing for a pair of pants lost by his dry cleaner, not really about the pants but more their promise of guaranteed satisfaction.

This is not a case about a pair of suit pants,” Roy Pearson argued before the District of Columbia Court of Appeals. Rather, it is about whether the owners of a neighborhood business misled consumers with a sign that claimed “Satisfaction Guaranteed,” he said.

There is an unconditional guarantee,” he argued, unless the merchant indicates otherwise.

Pearson said that the sign was deceptive and that the burden was on owners Jin Nam Chung and Soo Chung to explain whether the promise came with restrictions.

Not only that, if he loses his appeal, he could seek to have his case heard by the Supreme Court. What a great use of the top legal minds in our country.





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  1. Phil Glockner Avatar

    Isn't this story from the beginning of the year? If I remember correctly, the lawyer was suspended and the case was thrown out, right? I guess this is the follow-up appeal.

  2. iankennedy Avatar

    Yep, follow the link to read the complete and sorry tale. The dry cleaners have been cleaned out and have gone out of business. The judge has also been relieved of duties – his colleagues probably shaking their heads in sadness for their friend who, "never was the same since that Chinese place lost his pants." It's a destructive, death spiral – Roy will not give up, even if it destroys him. Phil – thanks for running the "Just for You" plug-in on scribkin.com. The headlines that came up for me were just spot on!

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