Year: 2009

  • Finnish Wife Carrying

    Finnish Wife Carrying

    So in the middle of all the excitement of getting settled we missed the World Wife Carrying Championship which took place (as it has for the past 14 years) in Sonkajärvi, Finland – about 500km north of Helsinki. Eager to see what it would take to participate next year, I came across the official site […]

  • Finland, they do it different here

    Finland, they do it different here

    I have a feeling this is going to be a regular feature. There are many things that are different here in Finland. Here are just a few that I’ve learned about in the past few weeks. Speeding tickets are progressive, you pay more if you earn more. I was warned about someone who had a […]

  • Rental Cars as Advertising

    When we moved to Finland, we decided to leave our two car, suburban lifestyle behind and live life in the center of Helsinki. We walk everywhere and take trolleys, buses, and trains when it’s too far to walk. It’s really not a big deal. Helsinki has an excellent public transportation system and the infrastructure is […]

  • iPhone UX Anti-Patterns

    What follows are notes from a session I attended at the last Web 2.0 Expo. While a few months old, the notes here are still very relevant. As a Nokia employee, some may think it strange for me to blog about how to develop for the iPhone but I think not, the priciples I share […]

  • Jyri Engestrom on Social Objects

    I ran across some notes from the Web 2.0 Expo back in April that are still relevant and worth sharing. Today I’ll post on the talk that Jyri gave on Building Sites with Social Objects, tomorrow I’ll post notes from a talk given on iPhone Development Anti-Patterns. Jyri Engestrom founded Jaiku which was later acquired […]

  • Dance, Dance Wheelchair Revolution

    This past weekend we headed out to the Heureka Science Center about a 20 minute train ride North of Helsinki. There are a ton of interactive, hands-on exhibits which I took photos of but this wheelchair exhibit was the most interesting. The concept is simple. The quadrants of the circle light up randomly, one at […]

  • Swimming in Finland

    The weather in Helsinki has been fantastic the past week. T-shirts and Keen sandles type warm. We’re even sleeping with our windows open in the evenings. Today we swam in the ocean!

  • Real-time Search, Art or Science?

    Erik Schonfeld at TechCrunch posted a thought-provoking piece on real-time search. Twitter and Facebook are falling over each other in the media spotlight, fighting to be the place to go to find out the now. There is something about human nature which makes us want to prioritize information by how recent it is, and that […]

  • Crazy Tennis Court in the Sky

    In 2005, the helipad of the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai was converted into a tennis court for a promotion featuring Agassi and Federer.

  • Find my Phone, Nokia Style

    I just got an email from the folks behind the Mobile Web Server which runs on Nokia S60 phones. They figured out how to run a web server on your phone so you can configure your mobile device to basically be a node on the internet, addressable via an IP address, hosting web pages, streaming […]