Year: 2009

  • YouTube as a Search Engine

    My son was featured in yesterday’s Sunday New York Times in an article (At First, Funny videos. Now, a Reference Tool) about the unforeseen use of YouTube as a research tool. We all associate videos with entertainment but Tyler has taught me that with the addition of meta-data and micro-chunked content, it’s possible to use […]

  • Playmobil Security Checkpoint

    Is this for real? Amazon has it listed in stock and ready to ship. Thankfully we can count on the Amazon reviewing public to bring out the snarky truth. Some choice excerpts: Thank you Playmobil for allowing me to teach my 5-year old the importance of recognizing what a failing bureaucracy in a ever growing […]

  • Finger Piano, a social mobile app

    Featured at last week’s Japanese iPhone Developer’s reception hosted by Six Apart I saw Finger Piano, a cool little app that allowed you to play the piano on your phone. As the bars move down towards the keys, you press them to carry the tune. The thing I like about this video? The fact that […]

  • Handbag TV

    From the not quite sure about this department. Spend a lot of time sitting on the bus or train with your handbag in your lap wishing you could catch up on all your favorite TV shows and movies? BagTV from London has created a line of handbags with a built-in monitor for just this situation. […]

  • Navel Gazing, 2008

    This post is for my own notes – a bunch of stats about traffic on the blog and the social networks to serve as a reference point for next year. top post of the year – Barack Obama’s Speechwriter is 26 consistently did well because of it’s high search results ranking. Coming up second was […]

  • Screenshot of MacBook Wheel Predictive Sentence Feature

    In the absence of any real substantive announcement from today’s MacWorld, people are talking up a fictional device announced by The Onion, the MacBook Wheel. I’m assuming you’ve already seen the video but here’s a screenshot of the predictive sentence feature with some choice samples.

  • now on the Kindle

  • Do You Watchphone?

    According to the Register, LG Electronics is gearing up to offer a wristwatch phone at CES next week. There are two ways to look at this announcement and I’d be really interested to hear what people think. 1. This is the first announcement of a new form factor for phones. What looks clunky today will […]

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