Is this the new Obama phone?

Sectéra Edge

CNN wonders if the Barak Obama’s new phone is the Sectéra® Edge
(love the multiple super-scripts in the product name!) by General Dynamics. Features include a “classified key” that you flip when you want to jump on the Top Sekret network for calls, email, or browsing.

Click on the image above and check out the one-line “trusted display.”  Just the thing to check in on twitter.

Not exactly a svelte device (it’s a little bulkier than a Palm Treo), this thing runs Windows Mobile. Goes with the territory I guess. It’s been reported that the White House PCs are running a six-year old version of Windows.

Oh, and it costs $3,350, without a data plan 😉

UPDATE: Turns out he’s going to get a real BlackBerry after all.

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5 responses to “Is this the new Obama phone?”

  1. Davide D'Incau Avatar
    Davide D’Incau

    I guess not the lightest device out there

  2. Davide D'Incau Avatar
    Davide D’Incau

    must be as heavy as the new presidential car <a href="; target="_blank"><a href="…</a>" target="_blank">…</a></a>

  3. Greg Tavares Avatar
    Greg Tavares

    My question is, will al of his contacts need to have one in order for his communications to be secure?

  4. Margaret Howe Avatar
    Margaret Howe

    it costs $3,350? yikes. Wonder if he'll find it as addicting as his crackberry.

  5. Navel Gazing, 2009 Avatar

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