Month: September 2010

  • Nokia N8, Big and Small

    The promotional drumbeat grows ever louder as we get closer to the release of Nokia’s new handset, the Nokia N8. Nokia’s marketing machine is a wonder to see in action. Two promotions I thought particularly clever are both world record breakers and nicely bookend the catchphrase for the device, It’s not technology, it’s what you […]

  • Laura Miller Kennedy 1925-2010

    My Grandmother passed away earlier this month and although I could not make it to her memorial service in upstate New York, I did send along the following anecdote to share with those attending. I will miss her but she lived a very full life and lives on in her stories. Laura Kennedy, my Grandmother, was a […]

  • The Future of Print

    Two concepts floated around in the past year envision the future of print on connected tablets such at the iPad. Future of the Book, a video by IDEO, suggests three designs for an interactive book. Co. Design has some thoughts and link to an interview with some of the designers behind this concept. Mag+ is […]

  • Facebook virtual currency now real

    Facebook virtual currency now real

    USA Today reports that Facebook Credits will be available as gift cards at Target. The new Facebook gift cards will be available in values of $15, $25 and $50 at all of Target’s 1,750 retail stores and at Two or three more national retailers will start selling the cards in coming months. The article […]