The Future of Print

Two concepts floated around in the past year envision the future of print on connected tablets such at the iPad.

Future of the Book, a video by IDEO, suggests three designs for an interactive book. Co. Design has some thoughts and link to an interview with some of the designers behind this concept.

Mag+ is a concept by Berg. The video was released in December 2009, a version of was released for Popular Mechanics in April and  is available for the iPad.

Both of these concepts  illustrate the power of additional information deep-linked into the text. These links can lead to interactive graphics as in the Mag+ example or discussion boards as in the IDEO example. Yet, each of these experiences, despite being more interactive than ink on paper, still feel packaged. One vector not explored in either of these concepts is that of reader’s context which is increasingly available via mobile devices. More and more apps are leveraging things such as location to customize the experience. What other contexts can be added to the reading experience and how would it change the reading experience?





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