Month: February 2011

  • on chips talking to chips

    In a post last year, I paraphrased a quote, “If you are not paying for a product, you are the product.” recently updated this quote with the line, You are either the person getting pimped, or you’re the person doing the pimping. The video below of from the Black-Eyed Peas speaking with John…

  • The Future of Glass

    For Corning, the future is made of glass. Corning makes Gorilla glass (check out this video) that is found in the Nokia N8, the LG Optimus 7 that I’m test driving and many other smartphones.

  • Three Schools of Thought on the Internet

    Adam Gopnik has a survey in this week’s New Yorker running down a few of the recent books about the internet and divides them into three schools of thought: The Never-Betters believe that we’re on the brink of a new utopia, where information will be free and democratic, news will be made from the bottom up,…

  • Touch Wood Phone?

    Touch Wood Phone?

    I love Japanese design, everything was looking great about this latest concept model from Sharp. The concept was really cool (you can read more about it on WirelessWatch Japan) until I heard the name. What’s that in your pocket again?

  • Nike Cosplay in Akihabara

    When it comes to Japan, they just do things different here. The video below is actually several years old but is a brilliant piece of advertising. Produced for Nike iD to promote their custom design shoe line.

  • Mobile in Japan – ON FIRE!

    Mobile in Japan – ON FIRE!

    comScore released their Mobile Year in Review report for 2010 which, for some reason, includes Japan for the first time this year. Japan has been years ahead of other markets for some time now and their findings, summarized in the graph above, confirm that. In their words, Japan is, “perhaps one of the most mature…

  • Japanese Train Infographics

    Japanese trains are the paragon of efficiency. During peak rush hour, 11-car commuter trains rumble in and out of stations at 90-second intervals. There is no room for error. Everyone needs to know where to go. So, when the trains were fitted with interactive displays, on the inside, over each doorway, information designers set to…

  • Watson Wins Jeopardy

    Watson Wins Jeopardy

    Ken Jennings graciously concedes losing to IBM’s Watson computer on the final day of the three day Jeopardy tournament. More details on the research behind the experiment on my earlier post.

  • Coca-Cola’s Secret Recipe

    Coca-Cola’s Secret Recipe

    Could this be Coca-Cola’s secret recipe? NPR’s weekly radio, This American Life, show dusts off an old newspaper article from 1979 which featured the photo scanned below. On the episode (podcast), Ira Glass works with the folks at Jones Soda and tries to recreate the original recipe which includes things such as coriander and neroli oil. Fast…