Coca-Cola’s Secret Recipe

Could this be Coca-Cola’s secret recipe? NPR’s weekly radio, This American Life, show dusts off an old newspaper article from 1979 which featured the photo scanned below.

Could this be the Coca-Cola recipe?

On the episode (podcast), Ira Glass works with the folks at Jones Soda and tries to recreate the original recipe which includes things such as coriander and neroli oil. Fast Company has a post by the son of Charles Salter, the Georgia Rambler, who filed the original story and took the photo above for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Secret Coke Recipe on “This American Life?” My Dad Found That.





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    Coca-Cola’s Secret Recipe…

    The blog Everwas had a post titled “Coca-Cola’s Secret Recipe”. They say that the NPR show “This American Life” found an old newspaper story that contained a photo of the original formula. It apparently consisted of ingredients such as water,……

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