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In the great content debate, the pendulum continually swings back and forth between the failure of that filter or intellectual stack overflow. Philip Sheldrake and illustrator Nic Hinton set out to capture the evolution of content in an amazing infographic from which I have captured only a small detail below.  The poster appears to be a promotion for the mobile aggregator, taptu but their relationship with Philip is not quite clear. (see comment from Philip below.)

Who would have thought thirty years ago that the Internet would go mainstream and the World Wide Web would transform content business models (and many other business models come to that) so radically?

Who would have thought twenty years ago that the average Joe would carry handheld devices as powerful as the Apple and Android devices?

Who would have thought ten years ago that consumers of media content could also, just as easily, be producers of media content?

Who would have thought five years ago that each and everyone of us could, with a stroke of a touch screen, design their own content channel and publish it.

I am fascinated with the history of media and content, its present and its future, and being a communicator I wanted to share my awe in a way that would prompt others to share it with their friends and family.

– via Content, an illustrated history


You can get a hi-res version (42MB) as well.






2 responses to “History of Content”

  1. Philip Avatar

    Hi Ian,

    Thanks for praise!

    And this para from my original blog post (http://mnwh.li/hC51I4) answers your question… I work with a social and media technology company that has developed a social news aggregator, My Taptu, so you’ll forgive me if I have positioned this beautiful little app to represent the best of the present day – but that’s because it does 🙂

    1. iankennedy Avatar

      Thanks for the comment. I was looking on taptu.com and CrunchBase but didn’t see any mention of you. Now I see that you’re helping with their marketing via your firm, Meanwhile. Nice work!

      Have you seen the post by Jonathan Stray? Quite good summary of where we are (and what I think taptu is building) me thinks.


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