Month: May 2013

  • Tesla drives coast-to-coast

    Tesla drives coast-to-coast

    Elon Musk announced last night that by the end of this year you will be able to drive a Tesla across the United States for free stopping every 200 miles for a 20 minute charge. More details on the Tesla Supercharger page.

  • LinkedIn Mobile Splash Page

    Every time I start the LinkedIn mobile app, I always wondered about the city street featured on the splash page. I took a screenshot of it and tried Google Image search to look for something familiar. No avail. Leave it to a Finnish developer friend to fire back a hit to my crowdsourced query. Mystery […]

  • Pele in Puma

    Pele in Puma

    I love Quora. So many good stories. Puma paying Pele to tie his shoes in the middle of the field seconds before the kickoff of the World Cup final in Mexico (1970)… The camera made a close up and the whole world realized that the best player back then was wearing Puma shoes… Life changed […]

  • Time Travel

    Leave it to the Lutherans. 100 years ago, on April 22, 1913, the Ladies Aid Society and the First Lutheran Church in Oklahoma City sealed a time capsule which has been sitting under a grill set into the floor of the church. Last month, the Century Chest as it was called, was opened. The contents […]

  • Advertising, paywall or a bit of both?

    Advertising, paywall or a bit of both?

    GigaOM posted the audio to a fascinating session at last month’s paidContent Live conference. In it, there’s a great insight/throw down by Bob Bowman, CEO of MLB, Advanced Media. Right around the 15-minute mark Bob calls those that read metered sites such as without subscribing, rooting around their 25 articles/month limit are, “professional freeloaders” of […]

  • Skateboarding in the 60s

    From a series of photos taken in New York City by Life Magazine photographer Bill Eppridge. Click to see thru to see more from the series. /via TEDR

  • Finca de Mike

    Finca de Mike

    Stumbling across beauty & terror in the jungles of Guatemala

  • Is Goldman Sachs the Canary?

    As reported in today’s New York Times, Bloomberg said the functions that allowed journalists to monitor subscribers were a mistake and were promptly disabled after Goldman Sachs complained that a Bloomberg reporter had, while inquiring about a partner’s employment status, pointed out that the partner had not logged onto his Bloomberg terminal lately. Privacy Breach on Bloomberg’s […]

  • Sprinkling Pixie Dust at Disney

    My good friends over at PechaKucha redesigned their site months ago and I have been remiss in pointing out what a great place it is for inspiration. Think of it as an archive of narrated slideshows – 20 images, self-advancing every 20 seconds – six and half minutes to tell a story. Like Twitter, the […]