Year: 2013

  • Happiness is a Filter

    Author Michael Lewis (Moneyball, Liar’s Poker) sits in on an episode of This American Life and tells a wonderful story of Emir Kamenica, a refugee from the Serbian conflict, who, in his own words, caught a lucky break by meeting an “angel” who encouraged him to transfer from the greater Atlanta public school to an […]

  • Google’s Android Dream

    Google’s Android Dream

    Wired’s man on the ground at Google, Steven Levy, has an in-depth look at the turnaround story of the Motorola Mobility team purchased by Google for $12.5 billion two years ago and how they produced a phone which, on the eve on iPhone’s expected upgrade in September, is currently the talk of the Valley. As […]

  • Now Running WordPress 3.6, Oscar

      Each major version of WordPress is named after a jazz musician. WordPress 3.6 is named after “Oscar” in honor of the great jazz pianist Oscar Peterson. Performance is good. Along with an upgrade of my Thesis theme to 2.1, it’s pretty snappy!

  • The Unseen Great Wall

    This weekend’s Sunday New York Times features the striking photo seen above, spread over two pages. Most people experience the Great Wall, “on half-day tours from Beijing to the Badaling or Mutianyu sections of the Great Wall, which are 40 to 50 miles north of the capital” but the author of The Great Wall, Our […]

  • The Product Manager is not the CEO

    The Product Manager is not the CEO

    A lot of people describe a product manager as a CEO of the product or the “owner” of the spec, but I think that over-ascribes influence and authority to the product manager. The best teams operate in a way where the team collectively feels ownership over the spec and everyone has had input and been […]

  • Ten Types of Facebook Likes

    Ten Types of Facebook Likes

    The Facebook “like” is a simple social action loaded with meaning. The act of Liking something online while sitting alone at the kitchen table in your boxers is, on the face of it, a solipsistic act, but it’s really much more complex. One click on that link causes a complex web of behaviors that ripple outwards […]

  • Society for Model and Experimental Engineers

    The Makers of Things: The Society is a film by Anne Holiday about one of the oldest model building clubs in the United Kingdom. From their website. Established in 1898 the Society has a long and distinguished history. We have a headquarters building in South London but our members are spread throughout the country and indeed throughout the […]

  • Town & Country Time-Lapse

    Two stunning time lapse videos that are worth seeing. For full enjoyment, click and expand into full screen and turn up the volume. The first is by Simon Christen who has been following the San Francisco fog for years. Thank you Mie for forwarding on this link. I agree, it’s a beautiful city we live […]

  • Data Mining the Electorate

    Data Mining the Electorate

    The New York Times Magazine had a cover piece on the Obama data mining team that used modern data-mining techniques to more efficiently target the undecided voters that they needed to bring across the fence to win the election. Check out the last line (emphasis mine) on their clever use of Facebook photo tags as […]

  • Unintended use for Microsoft Kinect

    Unintended use for Microsoft Kinect

    I ran across this interesting use for Microsoft Kinect by an MIT Researcher who was featured in the latest issue of The Red Bulletin, a print sports lifestyle magazine that magically shows up on my doorstep every month. The article (I cannot link to it because I cannot find it online), which profiles urban planner […]