Year: 2017

  • Hillary Clinton on Trump

    Hillary Clinton on Trump

    HRC is on tour to promote her book, What Happened. She was on the popular liberal podcast, Pod Save America and shared this snippet which I’ve transcribed and linked to below. I wrote this book to come to try to come to grips with what happened but also to sound the alarm about what I […]

  • tedr

    So many wonderful stories being shared about Ted Rheingold who passed away today after a brave battle with cancer. I met him a few times to help out with the Dogster blog when I was at Six Apart and continued to bump into him from time to time during the Web 2.0 days and we […]

  • Taper Dave’s Drunk Friend

    In the digital age it seems quaint to have a collection of audio cassette tapes. Most of my collection was replaced by CD and then ripped to a hard disk archive years ago. But I hung on to my hundreds of Grateful Dead concert bootlegs over the years and dutifully packed them up for moves […]

  • Political Theatre

    A detailed breakdown of how the Senate health care vote went down in the dead of the evening. John McCain’s mic-drop moment when he went against his party and voted against repealing legislation enacted by his opponent in the 2008 presidential campaign. Buzzfeed has an annotated blow-by-blow of the historic moment, complete with animated GIFs, […]

  • NYC vs SF – Attitude

  • Ben Huh on Journalism

    Ben Huh on Journalism

    This interview with Ben Huh, the founder of the site that made cat memes famous, is over five years old but relevant today. People crave a viewpoint and personality. News organizations that sterilize their presentation of facts lack the color necessary to get attention in an ever more crowded market. Is it possible to communicate […]

  • Tyler’s Graduation

    (cross-posted from Facebook) Indulge me in a bit of wistful sappiness on the day of Tyler’s graduation from high school. Two photos, one taken on the first day of kindergarten and another graduating from high school. In between,  the Surly you Know letter his 7th grade teacher had each parent write (thx, Ms. Moody !) […]

  • Rocket Man as Refugee

    You’ll never listen to this song and not think of the story as imagined by Iranian filmmaker and refugee Majid Adin. Elton John’s Rocket Man is a “story of adventure, loneliness and hope.” To learn more about Majid and his backstory, here’s a short interview. h/t to @JStrauss for sharing

  • More Good than Bad

    More Good than Bad

    Pepsi take note. Heineken celebrates what brings us together in this well-timed advertisement. Instead of dancing around or romanticizing the polarization of the world around us, this brand has set up an experiment that leans into the nagging suspicion that we have within each of us what it would take to make the world a […]

  • Penna – a retro bluetooth keyboard

    Penna – a retro bluetooth keyboard

      In the pre-computer era, my father took a remote sales job that had him working out of the house in rural Connecticut. His company shipped him a large, elaborate machine which was an early version of an answering machine but the writing machine he bought was an refurbished Royal No. 10 . Elegant in design, I […]