MedMen, a high-end marijuana dispensary, opened its doors on Fifth Avenue.

“It was selfish. It started small and got bigger and out of control,” said Gilberto Escamilla, a South Texas man pleading guilty to stealing $1.2M in fajitas.

Because of quadruple-digit inflation in Venezuela, computers at the country’s stock exchange are no longer able to efficiently calculate share prices.

Students at the UC Berkeley elected a squirrel to its student senate.

Avery Island, the home of Tabasco, is in danger due to rising sea levels.

Kim Jong Un  brought his own toilet to the historic Korea summit.

Scientists can now successfully keep a pig’s brain alive, without the body.

Donald Trump’s scheduled visit to the UK in July will fall on Friday the 13th when there will also be a partial eclipse of the sun.

After an argument with his mother, a 12-year old boy grabbed his mom’s credit card and took a 4-day holiday in Bali.

California has several initiatives to break off from the United States. In Memphis, leaders are discussing leaving the State of Tennessee.

It was reported that only three wild caribou are left in the contiguous United States.

Scientists grew vegetables in Antarctica without soil or sunlight to determine if it might be possible to grow crops on a potential mission to Mars.

A mail carrier in Brooklyn stashed about 17,000 pieces of undelivered mail for more than a decade because he was “overwhelmed”

A road that recharges electric vehicles as they drive on it opened in Sweden.

An engineer in Japan who grew up watching The Transformers, built one.

Photo credit “What the Verdun battlefield looks like now”  jeroentje22